Turbo Force NW Ltd, your reliable turbo rebuild service near you

Turbo Force NW Ltd are a reliable turbo rebuild service near you. We can assist you with every aspect of your turbos needs… from repairs and rebuilds to technical support and inspections, we can help you out.

The kind of turbo services we offer is listed within the table of contents located just below these paragraphs of text here.

Turbo Force NW Ltd are your local rebuild services near you

Whether you are located within the UK, Europe or the rest of the world. We can assist you with the repairs you need. Whether it is for a single vehicle or a fleet of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, marine craft. We even do work on agricultural equipment and industrial plant equipment. So whatever your needs are, we have you covered: we are your local reliable turbo rebuild service near you

We are your local reliable
turbo rebuild service near you

Table of Content

What is the procedure for working with you guys?

STEP 1. Having your turbocharger removed

It’s at this point with a heavy heart we say we currently do not offer that service in-house, but we have you covered. We do have two garages located on either side of our headquarters both with excellent ratings*1 on google. So in our current circumstances, we would advise you to take to either one of these.

In no particular order:

  • North West Autocare – Tel: +441772314874, Website, Location: P8PV+J3 Preston
  • Browns Autocare – Tel: +441772587730, Website, Location: P8PR+HV Preston

*1 ratings of 4.8 and 5 stars respectfully. Correct as of 07/02/2022

STEP 2. Bring your turbo into us

Once we receive your turbo, the engineers and technicians will strip it down into all its individual components inspecting every inch of it.

STEP 3. The technicians will analyse the turbo

Whether you have requested we find a fault or want to install upgrades. We go through every square inch of the turbo and let you know the costs involved. It is at this point you let us know whether you would like us to proceed or hold off for now.

STEP 4. Agree on the scope of works – rebuild, remanufactured etc

At this point simply talk to us… if the price is out of budget or you need more doing than was originally thought. Just talk us through what you need and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. It is then when all the details are ironed out and everything is agreed, we will proceed with the repairs.

STEP 5. The work is carried out

Now the fun begins in the workshop where we set about rectifying the fault or installing the upgrades you wanted. We clean. We test and test again.

Step 6. Collect the unit or it can be couriered to you

You can either come to the headquarters and collect the squeaky-clean perfectly functioning turbo once the invoice is settled or we can settle the invoice and have it sent to you via special delivery.

What if you decide not to proceed?

If you decide not to proceed with the repairs then we will arrange for the turbo to be sent back to you. We only require you to pay the return fee or if you are local to us, feel free to call in and collect in person.


Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

Brand new – OE

If you’re not at the stage where you have a turbo and are in need of one to be serviced or repaired, we can assist you in finding the OE – or Original Equipment. The OE is what the car would have or could have fitted to it.

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

Brand new – Aftermarket

An aftermarket turbocharger can give the car way “mo powa’ babah” but the process can be fraught. So why not put your best foot forward and tap into our working knowledge of how best to install your new turbocharger to get the most out of it.

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

Brand new – Remanufactured

There are times when you want to stick to what you know. The turbo works just fine with the engine but it’s not as punchy as you remember. Remanufacturing the turbo gives it a new lease of life.

Turbo Services

Repairs / Rebuilds

There are many reasons why you may wish to repair your turbo rather than replace it. One is to ensure that you only pay for components that need replacement. Another is that we can identify the reasons your turbo failed. We’ll always tell you whether anything can be done to rectify the problem and prevent premature failure in future. After our repair, your turbo will work – and look – like new.

This can include renewing shafts, compressor wheels, bearings and seals. Our customers find this the most cost-effective solution, as our engineers can completely disassemble your unit and then after assessment, can be rebuilt in-house with our specialist parts, tools, knowledge and expertise.

Our turbocharger repair service includes all new journal bearings, thrust bearing, seal rings and a complete service overhaul. It also includes a complete blasting and cleaning on all reclaimable parts. We’ll replace other components when they’re worn or if requested by a customer. We can also repair wastegates and pneumatic actuators.

Why not take a look at our gallery showcasing the transformation of only a handful of hundred of projects we have worked on.


For those wanting an increase in reliability and performance, upgrades are a great way to build upon an already winning setup. Every single aspect of a turbocharger can be upgraded and we can help

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd


The metrics will read the same or better and nothing less. Our continual testing of your turbo is how we achieve such a high standard because all we want is for you to be happy and testing helps us do just that.


Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd


The actuator acts as a pressure relief valve that controls the boost output of your turbo, diverting excess exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel. If one is faulty it can cause the turbine wheel to spin out of control. We can repair this all-important component.

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd


You don’t have to have a problem to take advantage of this service. Sometimes, you may just want to know if everything is calibrated and working at its optimum. Bring your turbo into us and let’s make sure it is performing at its best for you.

Warranty Inspections

We offer an inspection and report service on used turbochargers to identify the cause of failure and prevent premature failure in the future. We carry out these inspections on failed turbochargers before starting any repairs.

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

Fault Diagnostics

Many turbochargers fail due to engine-related problems which need to be rectified before fitting a replacement. We can, however, assist you in establishing whether the turbo was a cause of the problem or simply an effect.

Technical Support

Image shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

Our technicians and engineers use the latest in turbocharger repair, remanufacture and rebuild techniques. Therefore; we are eager to share with you our knowledge and offer you our techical support.

The Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with some of the most respected equipment available to the turbocharger aftermarket.

We have a Cimat VSR high speed balancer for balancing CHRAs fitted to passenger cars and light commercial units. For the larger commercial units we use a Geisler rotor balancer.

We also own a G-3 flow bench so we can properly set up VNT turbos,  used in conjunction with the G3 electronic actuator tester. To compliment this equipment we have ATD and Turbo Technics Electronic actuator testers.

Pneumatic actuators are tested using the G3 PNEU machine. This allows the accurate setting of actuators with position sensor fitted.

We also take on some of the less common units that others may not have seen before. Our many years in the industry coupled with extensive sourcing knowledge and experience gives us the ability to help customers with most requests.

Parts Sourcing – Can’t find it? We’ll source it for you!

Turbo seal shows part of a kit offered by Turboforce NW Ltd

If you have a specific turbocharger requirement get in touch, what have you got to lose?

Turbo Force are moving from the 15th January!

The new workshop and premises will be located at:

Unit 10, Tardy Gate Mill, Coote Lane, Lostock Hall, Preston, PR5 5JD

The old premises will still be functioning as normal from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm and we can still be contacted on: 01772 697979 or by email to for any enquiries.